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  • Scrap Copper prices will start to rise soon

    On a scrappers point of view I reckon scrap copper prices will move up because scrap yards will be getting much less then they once did.
    firstly because steel prices are so low, scrap metal people have dropped off meaning more non-ferrous is going into landfill.
    but mostly it's the type of e-waste out there compared to a couple years ago.

    There's a lot more wireless, power cables are lighter anf tv's no longer pack a kilo of it.
    Every time I'm at the scrapyard I have a look in the burnt copper bin and a lot of the copper I see is from crt yokes and degaussing cable.
    sure there's copper from other items but there's no doubt that across all scrap yards, a good portion of scrap copper is from tv's.

    So whilst down the line copper stockpiles may be stocked up right now, when that does go and they start looking for more scrap copper they'll find supplies can no longer be met.
    this will not only cause copper prices to rise but prices will jump up to a new level, simply because scrap yards can no longer get so much ever again.
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    The scrap yard near me doesn't have separate burnt/tinned copper bins so the majority of it is tinned/painted copper pipes. They seem get very little burnt copper. I think the majority of the copper they receive is from copper pipes from construction sites and they also receive a large amount from air conditioners. The amount of copper cabling doesn't seem to have dropped either.

    Of cause this could just be my local yard, maybe the others are struggling.


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      Im hoping the prices start to rise soon , I think theres been a slight rise in the amount some yards are paying for pressings but nothing significant to warrant me doing free pickups for small lots like I used to .
      The price for brass has been relatively good of late providing you have a couple hundred kilos to cash in with a little negotiation on the price


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        I had to go to Echuca last weekend to pick up a load of E-scrap , so I thought id take a quick load of stuff over for some cash for fuel .I had 9 kilo of insulated wire 2 kilo of copper out of cooling fans etc so good heavy copper . and I had 8 kilo of cast alloy from drives etc . $14 I got ,,,, less than a dollar a kilo bugger me , Im storing till I get a big load to go to Melbourne .


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          A yard I used to go to (untill they stole from me!!) had tradies afternoon every friday, so plumbers, lectritians etc got priority in service and paking, and usually a beer too 😎 No shortage of wire and pipe at that place LOL.


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            One of the big wholesale copper only yards ( only do copper and brass ) I deal with are saying that they will be dropping their price even lower towards the end of the year.
            looking around their piles I noticed that they are down a lot more then last year for this time. They were moving over 40 tons of copper a week and now only 40 tons per month and had 5 yard guys working for them and now down to 2.

            I have mates in the mining industry, copper, steel and coal and they are worried that more copper mine closures are on the cards, some coal mines in Qld are set to close as of March next year when the contracts run out and the steel guys still have over 193 million tons of ore sitting in china without contracts and don,t know how much longer they can keep mining ore and just stockpiling.


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              Apart from ongoing mining problems and overseas demand, remember that this is the time of the year that scrap yards normally drop their prices. Some people store up some scrap for Christmas so they can cash it in and have a few dollars to spend. Trouble is, our lovely scrap yards screw their prices back and make a bit of a killing. Not nice but has been going on for years
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