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  • Plastic scrapyards

    Hi guys,

    I have read about some places taking scrap plastic in the US i think for cash. Do you guys sell it here? Or just take it to a recycling plant. I an specifically taking about computer and tvs, that kind of thing.

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    Fewer places take it now as oil is cheap, so plastic is cheap, so cheap that new plastic is cheaper than old plastic.
    My plastic from printers and Vacs etc have always gone into recycle bins for the council to do what they want to do with it.
    Re. CRT tvs/monitors, I scrap these on site.
    A year ago the hard rubbish pick up collected tvs, mattresses, fridges and the rest separately for individual recycling; now the
    lot is compacted together in the truck and straight to landfill.


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      I had a place that would pay 5c per kg. They no longer pay for it buy they still accept it for free.
      I know of another place that buys it if you have more than 500kg, though only for 5c per kg.
      A local yard near me no longer takes it because their shredding machine cannot cope with plastic unless it is soft like water bottles.


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        HI Guys, ive been at pains over this problem with plastics no one seems to want it, I was talking to a friend of mine that has a skip bin company about this subject and he was saying that a well known place here just dumps hard plastics straight into landfill as well if any scrap plastic that has a piece of something "lets say clothing" otherwise it's perfect and that all goes into landfill

        And they say that recycling is getting better but all I see is that something that makes them money they recycle anything else goes into landfill, it just doesn't make sense hey


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          The dollar rules

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        The recycling flavor has lost it's taste. gov't are no longer advertising recycling and it's just not as trendy as it was 5 years ago

        I've been scrapping stuff with plastic the past 3 days and loading up the van to take to the transfer station tomorrow morning along with a little cardboard & tv's so it's been my thing this weekend,
        mostly printers that always build up to epidemic proportions.

        pc's don't have plastic really, we don't remove the front cover, it stays on and goes complete as scrap metal, if your yard picks that out then go elsewhere but rarely anyone would, there's always a little plastic on pressing steel items.

        Most things are worth money in volumes, but even 1tonne of plastic like we get it would fill up a 40ft container, it's practically useless unless it's shredded into small bits but the power it takes isn't worth it for recyclers unless they have a product to turn it into at the same time, so yeah, it's probably more cost effective now to just get in fresh raw materieal.
        Buying eWaste link here


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          Ok thank you for all the replies. Seems quite sad really that it's so hard to recycle the stuff. Given it's so unbiodegradable you would think the givernment would have a plan for its reuse. Obviously not...


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            In Australia today, everyday the Government raises about $1 billion and spends $1.1 billion, so everyday we have to borrow $100 million.
            The gov has to reduce spending, so less of the nanny state please.
            Most recycling programmes are heavily subsidised as they run at a loss even in the good times.
            More resources are consumed in the collection and processing of waste than the benefit of waste reduction.