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  • Scrapping at Qld Opal Mines

    G'day Scrappies

    Hope you all had a great Christmas, and you are going to have a great New Year. Been a bit quiet on the forum so thought I would put up some videos for you to watch. I promised over a year ago to put up a video of my mates crushing machine in operation, but stupid here forgot to press the play button. Never mind, I have finally done it, but you will have to wait until tomorrow to see it. Thanks to my wonderful internet connection out here, it took 36 hours to upload. In the process of getting satellite internet.

    So, I spent a month and a half out Quilpie way in Western Queensland just before Christmas. This time we were cleaning up old opal mining leases that has been abandoned and taken up by a friend of ours. Because people have been walking off these leases and leaving everything behind, the mines department have got cranky and are now imposing a $10,000 bond per site. So mate asked us to clean up his two sites so that he could argue the toss with them.

    Between the two sites we had six cars, five caravans, a dump truck, various mining equipment and the huts they had erected. Hot hard work but good money. The logistics of bring the cars and equipment home would be a logistical nightmare from out there, so we stripped everything on site. I'd strip the cars, engine/gearbox, loom, front and rear ends and then old mate would crush the shells in his baler. You'll see that in tomorrows video.

    So this video today is a tour around the second mine site to give you an idea of what we do, and how we survive out there Just under 15 minutes, so enjoy.


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    G'day Bill and Merry Chrissie and New Year to you. Thanks for posting the video - really enjoyed it and it may waken this place up a bit now. Maybe we are all too busy cashing in on the great scrap prices this year eh. Look forward to seeing your other posts. Cheers


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      Nice Bill! Keep the vids coming please!