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  • Scrapping video - Grid Inverter

    Hi guys,
    With all my recycling tangents on my youtube channel I haven't actually done many e-waste scrapping ones!
    So here's today's video - scrapping a grid inverter..

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    Nice, your doing good clean video's mate, nice editing there, smooth. that heat sink is probably worth holding onto, can sell it anytime as scrap but could come in handy one day, worth a lot to buy a big bugger like that
    Buying eWaste link here


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      Thanks Ben, really appreciate your comments (here & on the video).
      It's taken me quite awhile to fine tune the editing but it doesn't take long now
      I do plan on doing more videos on what I bring back from the transfer station - or interesting items that get dropped off to my shop. Some will be repair jobs, some parting out and ebaying components and some just straight out scrapping.
      Most of my subscriber base are worm/compost people, so I need to try and break into the scrapping circles a bit more.