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  • 1000 YouTube subscribers!

    Well I made it! I must say it seemed a loooong way... but things gradually picked up pace and just recently youtube has started 'suggesting' my videos more and increasing traffic which is nice!
    I've been trying to get 2 videos up each week lately and will keep that up as long as I can!
    I guess I should check out what's required to monetize my channel soon!
    Thanks to eWaste Ben for some great advice when starting out! I really did appreciate it mate and I do make an effort to watch all your content... although the 4 hour marathons nearly kill me!! 🤣🤣

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    Good on you Chris. Just subscribed and really enjoyed the look around your shop.


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      Good for you Chris.
      Next step is 10,000
      That's about where is kinda goes in auto mode so long as your uploading fairly consistently.
      Youtube will send you an email if you qualify for monetization, I just got one for a channel I don't even use, I started it and put a few vids a couple years ago up but focused on ewaste instead although prepping is a good subject and i'll incorporate it into my main channel when I retire from collecting ewaste and go bush.

      Your channel Prepper Ben, has passed the 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 public watch hours (in the last 12 months) requirement of the YouTube Partner Program.

      Your channel is not monetizing yet. Go to the Monetization section of YouTube Studio to check next steps. If you've already accepted terms and set up AdSense, then no further action is needed.


      The YouTube team
      Buying eWaste link here


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        Thanks Cat & Ben,
        Yeah, I've had a few comments about my shop and will probably do a regular walk around although it looks as if it will be closed for quite some time!
        Cool Ben - I did get a congratulations email from youtube. I'll look forward to one about monetization!


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          Nice work chris. It's a bloody good effort and not as easy as it looks.

          I was trying to do a closing 2 minutes the other day and couldn't find anywhere quiet. My neighbour was planing in their cage and my other neighbour was playing music in his yard. Finished up in my stairwell.


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            Thanks Brad.. I can certainly see why many people give up!
            Yeah, I sometimes have perfect filming days in my backyard (good light & no wind) - but then the neighbours decide to have an arguement in their yard! She is Chinese and he is Indian! Not what you want on the soundtrack!
            How do you go Ben? Any trouble with noisy neighbours? I do often hear the planes fly overhead..


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              Only the occasional lawnmower on weekends but yeah, airplanes seem to go over my house incoming to the airport.
              There's been many times it's one every 4 minutes like clockwork, I've edited out many of them but can't avoid them when i'm in the middle of scrapping usually.
              The worst time is when I start a video and want to say something, it's always.. g'day scrappers... plane coming start again.
              I'd end up with 7 or 8 short clips of me just starting

              A lot of my early vids have me saying ahh, umm a lot, it's quite annoying so i've tried to hold back saying ahh, umm but I still edited out a lot of that, also accidentally swearing when i'm excited or bang my fingers.
              Even though my video's are now all labelled as "not for kids" many scrappers watch with their kids and i've had a lot of comments saying that they feel they can let their kids watch my video''s without the fear they'll get an earfull of swearing like some scrappers do.

              Oh yeah, you should label your video's as not for kids otherwise your monetization will be limited as there's no more ads for kid channels so those video's won't be doing much.

              End of the day, being a youtube publisher should be for the fun of it, sharing info and getting a thanks for it should be enough for most.
              Making money from it is a bonus, if it's just money your after then it usually shows,
              Buying eWaste link here


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                I noticed that I start every sentence with "So". It's the thinking word. Am consciously trying to stop.

                I also have a bit of a potty mouth. My Dad was a sailor and reckons I taught him some expressions. I'm also trying to keep that under control.

                "If it isn't fun don't do it" has been my mantra for the past few years. It's working well for me. It gives my ex-wife the sh!ts though. :-)

                Regarding noise, my place is at the confluence of 2 major suburban train lines. The closest is 30 metres away. I haven't noticed them until this lock down started. Without all the background noise they are really noticable.