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  • My first scrapping marathon - but not a lot of scrapping!

    A Sunday bonus video for my youtube followers this week! I've processed a large load of e-waste that came in - and thought I'd film the process!

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    Well put together Chris. I know it's been on the board for a couple of weeks now, but thought I would watch it over my second cup of coffee. As a person who earns a living out of this stuff, you are spot on about looking at time and money. And yes, you can still indulge your hobby side of things. But at around the $250 mark for a load of old electronics etc that was left outside your shop, easy money.

    As you are aware, I'm just a hobbyist when it comes to electronics and I also go after precious metals which we have discussed. I have the space and time for this and once I strip stuff down, I just stockpile it until one day I figure I have enough to process that will support the time and money to do it. But that could be getting close with gold around $2,350 an ounce. Word is that there is still more to come, so will be interesting.

    Most of my time though is spent wrecking/stripping white goods, cars and virtually anything ferrous or non-ferrous. I work with my local scrappie, who's also my best mate, and we try to value add wherever we can. He just imported a crusher machine from Germany with the intention of sourcing any light gauge steel and crushing it into blocks for which he can get a premium price in Brisbane. Even puts cars through it once the motors and suspension have been removed. Before Christmas, I took 2 complete cars and one incomplete down to Brisbane which was well worthwhile because I was going there anyway. So more than paid my travel costs.

    Guess we all do things a little differently but it is interesting to see or hear how others do things. Cheers


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      Thanks for your comments Bill,
      Yeah - everyone has their own slant on things and this, of course, usually centres around what is the most enjoyable activity for each individual.
      I have a big advantage over many hobby scrappers in that I can get much better value from all the hardware etc that I throw in jars, which sell in my shop very easily! Also, now that I can safely retail electrical items, I find that a lot less actually gets scrapped and also a lot less ends up in the bin!