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  • My take on scrapping out a tumble dryer..

    My latest scrapping video is up..

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    That's great!

    I'd love to see how you man-handle the 90kg boxes onto your trailer. I can lift 60-70kg but I think my safe limit is 40kg before I think I'm going to hurt myself.


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      Haha, it's not a clean lift and throw action Brad!
      My tandem trailer is fairly low and I can 'roll' the boxes up ok - even with a dodgy hip (off for surgery next week!).
      I have recently purchased a small crane jib to bolt to the front of the trailer anyway, to allow for my declining years!!
      Thanks for your comments mate


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        I wish i had room for steel.
        I've now sent 2 enquiries to Sims Metal asking for some prices. Not a word back from them.

        Good luck with the operation.