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  • How much does a 44 gallon drum of steel weigh?

    Hey guys,
    My latest video explores stacking away good heavy steel smalls in 44 gallon drums. How much weight in a drum full? What's it worth? Check out the video..
    I haven't sold any for years - and its adding up to a nice little stash! Now I just need the price to head north...

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    Yep, spot on Chris. Making sure there are no real gaps in the drum is the secret to it. I have gone almost 1/2 a tonne on a couple of drums, but they were full of solid smalls, so they packed very well.

    I've got plenty of room to store them, but prefer to off load when I have a couple of drums full. I have a free-standing gantry with a block & tackle to enable loading on my trailer.

    44's are great for not only steel but also cast, domestic and extruded ally. I seem to amass quite a bit of ally. Sometimes if I have a lot of air cons, I can fill a 44 with copper pipe. Never get near 1/2 a tonne, but it is a very handy way of moving an awkward product.

    And my scrappy knows all my containers because they're marked with the tare weight, whether they're drums, crates or whatever.



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      Thanks for your perspective Bill - yep, 1/2 a tonne is certainly possible. I used to score a few deals with railways stuff and a 44 full of dog spikes topped out around 500kg!
      A gantry would be ideal, but I'm thinking of buying one of those trailer mount hydraulic jibs and load maybe 3 drums at a time (it's an 8x5 tandem)... then finish the trailer with aluminium or copper cylinders to make a Melbourne trip worthwhile.


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        If you go over the weighbridge,have a good look at the unloading yard.....and spilt shredded steel make a mess of car or ute tyres...........I used to go in in a truck,and got at least one flat a week........and thats with 8.25/16 10 ply tyres......now I just get a bin,and fill ..........last bin I got ,i managed 8 ton,but lots of dozer and excavator stuff ,very heavy.Ive found its not easy to get more than 5 ton in a Merrel bin,and never had one of the 40 foot /20 ton bins............be needing one soon tho,there are some old cranes and a dozer going to go soon..........Ill be needing a big Franna to load some of the stuff,with all the drought I dont want to oxy cutting in the yard..........and Ive had the council on to me again.........some a****hole has complained again.......same guy as before ,Im betting..............causing me a ton of grief ,thats for sure.


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          I've never actually driven into a scrapyard Sad Scrappy - so that's an interesting point I hadn't considered. When I used to sell scrap regularly (about 20 years ago now), I'd send around 30 tonne at a time to Melbourne with a local trucking company - and flat tyres were their problem, not mine!
          Sounds like you have some good paying loads coming up! Perhaps you'd better buy your neighbour a slab!


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            Chris ...they are Islami s ....dont drink.....not supposed to anyway.........i got bulk trouble with the council at the moment....some scumbag has put in a complaint....this is at home,not the yard............