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  • Hello from Northern California

    I started scrapping again partly due to Ben and his videos. Thanks, Ben.

    I used to live in Southern California but five years ago I retired (not my own choice, boss heard I was 65 and I got "laid off" He is an A$$ when off his meds) After about a year of trying to find a well paying job in my field my wife and I decided to get out of the metro jungle. I found a nice empty lot (in town) 900 miles north (5 minutes from the Pacific) and put in a prefab home. We have been here about four years now. I have settled in and got bored very fast. I am retired but refuse to sit in a rocking chair on the front porch and shrivel up and get planted six feet under. I now work part time at a local elementary school. I teach computers to 1st graders and reading to 2nd graders. Because of the virus 1st grade has been put on hold and the 2nd grade is all on zoom. I also work at the local sheriff's department. Supposed to be doing missing persons but again because of the virus that has been put on hold. Right now I do fingerprinting and reference checking for deputy and search & rescue positions. Many years ago I was a deputy sheriff. Best job I ever had, but because of budget cutbacks I got laid off. Now I am too old to go back to the academy and relearn things I knew decades ago. Besides if I did go back to the sheriff's academy the other students would probably call me grandpa and run circles around me, except in shooting.

    I live in the county seat (capitol town) in a very rural county with a population of less than 28,000. I am a 5 minute drive to the beach and do a lot of beachcombing. But that wasn't enough so I decided to start scrapping again. When I was in southern Cali I hit 40-50 yardsales every Saturday. (there were always around 80-100 to choose from) I bought gold, silver, coins, antiques, brass, copper, computers and cell phones. (I paid $1 for computers and 50¢ for cells) All this put my daughter through six years of college. A few months ago I was watching youtube and ran across some dumpster diver and scrapper videos and decided to try scrapping again.

    I have overcome the one big obstacle every scrapper has, getting rid of everything you take in. My closest scrap yard is a two hour drive East over a mountain pass that at times the road is closed because of a rockslide or snow. There is another scrapyard a 2.25 hour drive south and right now, because of a huge rock slide into the ocean the road is only open a couple times a day with two hour waits. The state is trying to repair but it takes a long time. The only detour is a 4-5 hour drive. Any way, I refuse to save steel and plastic. But, in my town is a steel only scrap yard. I give all my ferris to him and he gives my all his TV sets that people drop off. After I scrap the sets I take the shells to my local transfer station. I only save copper, brass, wire and aluminum. When I get a car full I will make the 2 hour drive East to Oregon.
    Most of the time I am scrapper Dan but at yardsales I am dollar Dan