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  • Another from Perth

    Just thought I'd say hi from Perth. Have been reading the forum on and off for awhile, so even though it is very quiet here, thought it was time to join. Do collect some scrap from kerbside pick ups, including e-waste- but mainly look for re-sale items. Going to be an interesting journey with the way things are now.

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    Welcome Cat - yes, interesting times to say the least!
    I was planning to start selling some of my stash this year, but I'm guessing prices will be plummeting and there's a fair chance scrap yards will be closed shortly anyway!
    I'll just check on stockpiling I guess


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      Yes, welcome Cat. The forum is quieter than ever and no doubt metal prices will suffer just like everything else will in the next 6 months or however long it takes for the virus to go away.

      Regardless, we'll keep scrapping.