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  • G'day From Canada...

    G'day, Grumpy Mike here, something my 1st Grandon named me when he first started talking... Great to be here... Looked around the other day, and said... this is a place I need to join... Got your address from a YouTube I was watching...Just got into scrapping.. and as of so far... I have ripped apart 3 washing machines, and the last one was a HUGE problem... Two microwaves, two stoves, and three dryers... So I am just learning, and have found all kinds of places for copper to hide... Anyhow, Looking forward to meeting everyone here...

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    Hiya Grumpy Mike and welcome!
    It's a pretty quiet hang-out here, but there are a few of us who check in fairly regularly.
    The best way to learn scrapping is just jump in boots an' all... and learn as you go! And there are plenty of interesting youtube scrapper characters!
    What was the issue with the last washing machine?



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      Hi Mike
      I only started scrapping "properly" this year too. You'll find the hourly rate crap but the hunt is fun.

      I initially scrapped everything I could find but now tend to stick with stuff that isn't too dirty as I do a lot of scrapping in my lounge room watching TV.

      Looking fwd to hearing about your scrapping adventures and maybe seeing a few photos of not just your scrapping but where you live as we are a diverse bunch here. Ben lives in a typical Australian house in the suburbs; Chris is in one of our regional country centres and I live in an apartment close to the CBD.



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        Hi Mike, Welcome aboard.

        I think like most scrappers we start with everything & anything we can get our hands on, back in the day I used to do a dozen vacuum cleaners a day until I ended up with a truck load of plastic to dispose of.
        I tend to pass on white goods to a friend who likes to play with them, but I don't get many these days, mostly smaller electronics is my thing now.
        see you around the traps.
        Buying eWaste link here