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  • Greetings from Sydney

    My name is Brad. I live about 5km south of Sydney CBD.

    The streets around here are lined with scrappers gold. I usually just walk a different way home from the station each day (almost 2 km) and keep my eyes open.

    Yesterday I got 5kg of Cat6, a fan motor, 3kg of extension lead a small clock motor and some brass.

    I'd post a photo of what I staggered home with but am not sure how photos work on this forum.

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    Hi Brad, welcome.
    You can post pictures by clicking on the advanced editor it's the A tab you see on the right of where you type a reply, next to smiley face
    Buying eWaste link here


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      Welcome Brad,
      Yep - pics are great! We always enjoy seeing what people score on street scraps. Ben has a good following on his youtube channel for that exact reason!


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        This is the back of my car after my first "intentional" day of scrapping. I went dumpster diving while walking through the industrial estates about 2km from home. I filled my backpack and geo-tagged the heavy stuff and went back with the car.
        With the seats down I have 1000+ litres of space.
        There's an AC unit, a solar PV inverter (10kg of copper & 6kg of extruded aluminium), some totes, hessian coffee bags, coffee bean mulch (I'm a gardener), wire, refundable bottles, microwave oven components and a 30kg compressor motor that I still haven't torn down.


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          This was the 1.8km walk home from the station after work in my office clothes.
          I had my backpack full of wire and an 80cm x 80cm x 15cm box full. I still had 1.5km to go and boy my arms were tired at the end!
          All the yellow stuff was Cat6


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            Nice work Brad.. it's amazing how much good value stuff is just thrown out sometimes!