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  • Hi from Perth

    Hi there, looking forward to getting to know some scrappers and learning from you all.
    I'm in the air conditioning trade and come across a bit of copper some brass and allie that I'd like to melt to ingots, seen some of bens work also bigstacked, and im hooked.

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    Hi BIP and welcome to the forum!
    Unfortunately most active members seem to have deserted here and there's very little posting at all!
    Perhaps things may pick-up with new members joining occasionally...
    I have plans of making some cast aluminium stuff to actually sell through my secondhand shop. Seems a much better way to get value than just scrapping it for around $1 a kg!

    Do you sell your scrap in Perth, or just stockpile it? How's the prices over in the west?



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      Thanks Chris, yes it is a little quiet so thanks for your reply.
      I have been disappointed with the $ from scrap yard so I have changed to another place who documents it all and makes sure i sight the scale. Due to go in soon so i will let you know what they pay.
      The previous yard was like a "no doc" sales yard which is probably why they we're cheap.

      Im planning to stack metal bars for fun, with a sneaky suspicion that metal prices can only rise a fair bit over time.
      talk soon, BIP