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  • New/used trampoline?

    Hi guys! My kids are begging me to get them a trampoline and since they are 5&6 y.o. I was thinking of getting them the little tikes trampoline , it is the only kid's brand Ireally know and trust. Do you think that those small trampolines in their offer are too small for them? I saw a few models and they seem OK, especiall that one with the net and since it is winter, I wanted to get one indoor trampoline, so the only one that left was a small trampoline with a bar. It has a jumping surface and a bar for kids to hold onto it. Is that type of trampoline safe? Also, do you think I sould go with the used one or with the new one? I don't think that tere is a much difference but if I can save money, why not right? But the used one has to be in a good shape of course.