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  • New/used trampoline?

    Hi guys! My kids are begging me to get them a trampoline and since they are 5&6 y.o. I was thinking of getting them the little tikes trampoline , it is the only kid's brand Ireally know and trust. Do you think that those small trampolines in their offer are too small for them? I saw a few models and they seem OK, especiall that one with the net and since it is winter, I wanted to get one indoor trampoline, so the only one that left was a small trampoline with a bar. It has a jumping surface and a bar for kids to hold onto it. Is that type of trampoline safe? Also, do you think I sould go with the used one or with the new one? I don't think that tere is a much difference but if I can save money, why not right? But the used one has to be in a good shape of course.

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    Late reply so maybe you've bought already.

    Both my kids are trampolinists. My eldest is a qualified Advanced Coach with Gymnastics Australia and coaches 10-20hrs a week.

    Don't buy a round tramp. It gives you nothing to get your bearings on while twisting or tumbling.

    Don't buy an indoor tramp with a bar - they' are for exercise and they will just knock their teeth out.

    Buy a 1/2-3/4 rectangular. Put pads on the exposed springs. Put it in the yard, preferably with some grass around it - in winter the kids will soon warm up.

    Yes, trampolining is dangerous but if you don't expose your children to risk they will never know how to mitigate risk.

    Maybe get them into a trampoline group. It's not super expensive if community based and they'll get taught how to do it properly and have lots of fun.