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  • Hi from Canberra!

    Hello to all of my fellow scrappers, especially those in Canberra

    I have just started getting into scrapping - it is a very interesting and fun activity. I am not into scrapping as a business, rather as a hobby to obtain interesting electrical parts as well as a source of material for metal refining activities. Being in Canberra makes scrapping a challenge though, as there is no kerbside pickup arrangements, and the large scrapping companies have most of the e-waste supply tied up. However I have begun having successes in sourcing material, so happy scrapping days ahead!

    This is a great forum for information - I look forward to seeing more online discussions.

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    Hi there,

    yeah it's hard to make a good living from scrapping but as a hobby it's one of the best hobbies around.
    I think aside from money, most get into scrapping electronics for the parts or precious metal recovery bits, the more time you have the deeper you can go.
    Buying eWaste link here


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      Thanks Ben!

      I agree about it being hard to make a living out of, especially now that some of the big businesses are vacuuming up all the good e-waste (although it is good to see that e-waste gets recycled these days). The hardest part when having it as a hobby is making sure you do not pay too much for e-waste, as it is hard to get cheap items if you are not a business going around collecting from other businesses. I have scored some good bargains at online auctions though, including a laser printer for a whole $1. Too much fun ripping that apart...!


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        Hi Canberradcd,
        It is strangely satisfying scrapping e-waste - hard to explain why, but I guess that doesn't matter! We enjoy it, so we do it!
        Have you thought of some subtle (and low cost) advertising that you take e-waste for recycling free of charge? Maybe even through local facebook groups. I guess the danger there is that you will get too much of it!
        Cheers and welcome to the (almost dead) forum!
        (I am currently trying to bring it to life... )


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          Hi Chris!

          Is this forum (almost) dead? Well it certainly has some interesting information on it - I have already picked up some great tips on scrapping e-waste

          I will have to see how I go with my current scrapping before I advertise anything. I am just starting out, and it is a hobby for me, so too much influx of items would be a problem. For now I am focusing on picking up cheap auction items in Canberra. Even doing that, I have amassed a decent scrap collection. I now need to get onto depopulating boards before I can start work on more items, otherwise I will run out of storage space!


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            Well - the forum still has a pulse... but I'm not exactly overrun with notifications and I'm trying to answer every post on here just to kick things along a bit!

            There is some fantastic info on here and it's obviously been quite active at some stage! Before I came along anyway..

            Other than advertising, it may be worth popping into a couple of local Op-shops. They often have electronic items donated among other stuff and the op shops down here don't like electrical items due to possible safety issues selling it - and so they throw it out!! They may be grateful for someone to come and take the ewaste away!