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  • Hello all from the Gold Coast

    Hello out there this is my first time on a forum or a blog so I’m not sure if this thing is working
    i have been watching Ben for about 6 months now and love the information so much so that I have started to collect and process computers tvs etc
    I am on the Gold Coast Qld and have done a few crt tellys and monitors and have been taking the screens and carcasses to the council transfer station at Helensvale as that is the closest one
    I took a few in last week and was told by one of the guys who work there that I couldn’t bring them here any more because I was a business and would have to take them to the commercial land fill tip
    i was a bit surprised so I rang the waste department at the council and they confirmed that is correct
    if there is any body on the GC who has the same issue can you tell me what is the next option
    Thanks all and a huge thanks to Ben for all the information

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    Hi there, Welcome to the forum.
    Maybe you were going there too often or had too many at one time to be noticed.
    Some have a limit of two at a time but I guess if they notice scrapped out tv's then they'll try stop them coming in.

    You could try another one, or maybe don't pick up tv's as much and try scrapping them out on the spot.
    It's a bit hard to scrap out flat screens as so many screws to deal with but CRT's only take a few minutes to get the copper & board.
    But yeah, if it's not a very busy transfer station then you'll get noticed, I've been going to mine for years and only had a problem a couple years ago when I was taking in 20 at a time, but now day's I take in a few and go through no problem, I just say I have a few tv's and usually I take in cardboard.

    Anothedr option is to try your scrap metal yard with flat screens when you take in scrap steel, many accept a few and you get paid for them, you might have to hold onto the plastic backing so it leaves the back exposed as steel though, but if it's a lot of trouble then you might just have to pass on flat screen tv's completely, they don't have much scrap value aside from the heavy plasma's
    Buying eWaste link here