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  • Old scrappy from Brisbane.

    helo,Ive been a lot of things over the years,including a scrappy.I used to know everyone in the trade,but now there s all these whizkids who know nothin running the big yards,and a lot of newbies running the small ones ........they re mean and miserable same as always,but at least the violence of years ago is gone.The good old days when you signed "Donald Duck" for the cash are long gone,now its only transfer payment with ABN......I remember old scrappies having a hundred grand in cash hidden in their yards..........and a few robberies...........But most recent,the islamis next to my yard had a armed robbery last year.....and lots of metal theft from their wrecking yard..But theyve had to apply for zoning and now the council is ripping them off far worse than robbers.