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  • Let's say hello, Hello ....

    Well I just said it
    I'm one of those folks that life in that small country that has more politicians and taxes per citizen then the desert has sand.
    We have more rules and back doors to the rules then law abiding police officers who can uphold them.
    Ppl don't use sickness anymore to get a day off, here they use the term Strike to get a day off.
    Oh, did I forgot to say where it is? Haven't you geussed it buy now? Someone called our capital city a s***hole (oke something that smells) hehe.
    Yup that small Belgium, you can get chocolat, lots of different beers, fries (not the french, but the Belgium one) and lot's of politicians, taxes and rules lol.
    But it's no place like home although I love Germany as well since i lived there for almost 16 years as a child/adolescent.

    So what the heck are you doing here, you might be thinking, you're on the other side of the world.
    Yup, that's right. Although the world is getting smaller day by day, and why not looking at the otherside of the globe.
    Also i'm like most who get here new to scrapping and I like to learn and share/teach what I found if I can.
    For me scrapping, recycling, depopulating is just a hobby.
    Most important about it for me is the discovery in it and the fun, lots of FUN and the time I can spend in it.

    So if you have a question, ask away I'll try to answer it.
    If you wanne believe it, i'll leave that up to you

    Now let's have some fun in discovering old and new artikels.
    yum yum yum............

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    Hi David, Welcome.
    Looking forward to chatting with you in the forums
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