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  • Scrappy Newcomer

    ...exactly as what the title states.

    I found this website through one of E-Waste Ben's videos, and I learned quite a lot from him in the past three days. Had a ton of CD-ROM/DVD drives that I was unable to sell through normal means, so into the scrap heap they went (or in this case, the recycling center - crud). Still, my visit here is not in vain, for I took pictures of all the products I disassembled prior to sending them off into the great scrap yard in the sky, said photos will be shared here. I would like to get advice on all the things I discovered and sent off (and kept for the time being).

    When I'm not scrapping or scavenging, I am hosting my own podcast series where I play music and take interviews.

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    Hi there, Welcome to the forum.
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