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    Hi all, I have noticed that quite often when I jump on the forum that there might be 1 or 2 members online and 40 to 50 guests. I'd love to see more of the guests joining up and having a say or asking some questions. With kerb side collections on in my local areas in Perth I've got scrapping on the brain... which generally leads me to check the forum each night. Let's light it up and get some discussions happening!

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    Just talk about what you like and others might join in but yeah, the forum's had it's moments but seems like most are just looking now, which is funny in a way, it's like everyone expecting discussion to magically appear

    I'm doing a video that will probably link to a page here so that might bring a new flow of people in, which is what we need here, a fresh generation of scrappers
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      Yeah I always keep an eye out on the "latest posts" on the side of the home page but it's a bit of a catch 22 - not a lot of new stuff happening in the latest posts section so not a lot to comment on
      Check out my wanted to buy thread:
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