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  • It's been ahwile...

    Hey guys,

    It has been a long time since I posted anything, due to life simply getting busier and busier. I spent most of last year at college trying to build up my grades to get into university, of which I started early this year. With this and working full time, has left me with little time for socialising and especially chasing scrap. I've dropped into the forum briefly from time to time just to see, but have little to add or comment on.


    The chase for scrap has still been there and every now and again I'd stumble onto things I just couldn't pass up. Pedestal fans, microwaves, bags of cable, etc. But nothing new or anything I can chat about.

    Glad to see the site is still going and there a heaps new members(plus the old faces). I'll try and get a bit more involved, even if I do sound like a old broken record.