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  • Self-confessed Copper Addict

    Hello all, My name is Marcus, i have been checking out the forums for the last few daysand have been a subscriber to E-Waste Ben on his youtube channel for some time. Love his videos, very informative. In any case, i thought I would say hello instead of just being a lurker.

    As the title suggests i absolutely love copper, almost enthralled by it... Building up a bit of a collection so far in the regular form of plumbing, wiring etc etc. Am a month or 2 away from embarking on my blacksmithing and knifemaking hobby but have caught the scrapping bug along the way, albeit if somewhat casually. Nonetheless, scrapping is infectious and i love going through hospital E-Waste and street hard rubbish looking for treasure! Am about to commence smelting of copper bars as well. Have probably spent the last 4-5 years learning as much as I can about knifemaking, blacksmithing and smelting from different sources, all very interesting.

    Anyway, I think Ive probably blabbed on a bit too much from my initial intention of just briefly hopping on to say Hi lol Will keep in touch if and when i come acros something that peaks my interest etc, and from what I can see so far of the wisdom and knowledge that people on this forum possess, It appears to be a wonderful little community you all have going here

    Yours Sincerely, Marcus...

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    Hi Marcus, Welcome!

    Sounds like fun, would like to see some of your future creations.

    Yeah were just a small forum here, most come and go quickly so it's hard to get a good discussion but we do what we can with the limited active members.
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