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  • G'day from WA also!

    Hello all.

    My name is Adam. I live in the northern suburbs of Perth. I am very new to scrapping but have always been a bit of a junk collector and re-purposer.

    I work in IT and often have old and/or broken equipment that I have a hard time simply throwing out. I always wonder if it will be needed one day etc. etc.

    I stumbled across a few of e-waste Bens movies on YouTube as well as Successful Engineers and a couple of others (streetips is one I think), and was fairly keen to give it a go.

    I used to live in the Goldfields and have done a bit of fossicking, prospecting, and mucking around with crushing rock etc. so I guess this could simply be a continuation of my obsession with rocks and precious metals.

    I'm a bit ADHD and OCD so I kind of go all out on a hobby for a while and put a fair bit of my mind into it but I also tend to try first and read instructions later.

    So far I have made a dodgy ball mill, dodgy blue bowl, bought some beakers and safety equipment, and tried the hydrochloric acid and hydrogen peroxide thing.

    My current results are a few coffee filters full of mixed metals and crud and a bunch of storage tubs full of water that may or may not have precious metals and other crud.

    My reason for signing up here is to discuss what I am doing, see what others are doing, get some advice here and there, share my mistakes and successes (if I have any), and possibly offload components that are of no use to me but are probably useful to you guys.

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    Hi Adam, Welcome.

    There's quite a few budding refiners here on different levels so i'm sure you'll get some good advice on what you've got going there.

    OCD is helpful in scrapping and probably more so in gold recovery, being such a fiddly job, picking small pins and sorting bits out that have gold can be tedious if your just in it for profit, but can be quite therapeutic on a hobby level, just knowing your recovering gold that would of eventually gone to landfill can be rewarding too.
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      Thanks Ben! Yeah to be honest I am enjoying plucking bits off boards and sorting them etc. Still need to learn how to classify certain components but your vids really helped. If I get going on a larger scale I will do the air hammer thing. Currently just using craft knife.

      That is a really good point you have made. It really would have just gone into the ground and with all the contaminants that are attached to it. Doing my bit for the environment


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        Welcome Adam. Good to see you trying your hand at refining. Sreetips and Successful Engineer are the 2 people I follow on YouTube and a lot of what I learn came from them. To be honest I have to thank Sreetips (and my mate in VIC Tony also on these forums) for enabling me to refine 2 ounces in the past 3 months.

        If you have OCD as Ben said it can be a benefit but also be aware, it can be a pain when you follow steps to the letter and get a different result at the end. Almost the exact same material can give you different results. I guess the fun then is to work out why and improve.

        Anyway, welcome


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          Thanks Pav. That is awesome. Good to see that there are others are getting good results. I liked Bens no bullsh*t approach to scrapping, how methodical Successful Engineer is, and streetips lab style approach etc. (not saying that those guys don't all have those qualities but that was the standout from the vids for me). Reading a few of the other posts on here I have learned that I have probably turned gold into solution prematurely by using 6% Hydrogen Peroxide from the chemist. I read somewhere that Diggers Hydrochloric Acid has metal salts and that is why the acid goes red when the Hydrogen Peroxide is added. I'll take pics of my results and let you guys tell me where I have gone wrong or right... I think it is cool to see how different people take the same set of principles and approach it in their own way. Also we all have different stuff at our disposal and are probably working on different budgets so it will be cool to see how differently people do stuff based on those factors. When funds allow I will get hold of some Nitric Acid and some Stannous Chloride and litmus paper etc. Better to know definitively rather than guess.


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            Welcome aboard


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              Cheers mait!


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                Got some CPUs


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                  Some of my dodgy setup:


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                    "Blue" Bowl