Scrapping a PC - IBM Netvista 6339-A1A

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  • Scrapping a PC - IBM Netvista 6339-A1A

    Here's an IBM Netvista M/T 6339-A1A to scrap out, Seems like it's a small form factor type pc of it's time.
    It's a real nice solid pc tower I have to say..

    Hah! What a funny little computer.
    You can see the normal sized dvd drive on the left and motherboard on the right, see how small the mobo' is?

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    Took out the wires and dvd drive, how cute it that?
    The hard drive on the left is almost as big..

    Here she is..


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      CPU was a let down, it's mounted to the motherboard so it stays..

      Heh, not a lot but was still fun, the board on the left is the dvd drive board, next to that is the dvd eye I like to keep..