Scrapping a PC - IBM Aptiva 2176-Y63

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  • Scrapping a PC - IBM Aptiva 2176-Y63

    Here's a nice IBM Aptiva 2176, The Aptiva is my favorite pc I ever had, think mine came out with windows 98, the thing lasted for years..

    Solid steel tower really looks and feels what I think a PC should look like..

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    Simple layout still the today, this one has a board over the motherboard which slot cards slot into..

    Room for many slot cards but only one here, a big one..


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      Yeah a good sized slot card it is..

      There's that backplane board for slot cards..

      Lot's of gold plated pins will be inside the slots..


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        Here's something cool, underneath the back plane board is the finger that slot into the motherboard..

        The main difference being these are removable fingers, they just slot in and out, cool..


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          That was fun, now for the rest of it..

          An old maxtor hard drive..

          These are great hard drive logic boards, today's boards are small and light..


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            Motherboard is just as good, has 4 RAM sticks and another similar looking stick next to the heatsink..

            That top one probably isn't a ram stick but same thing as scrap, there's 2 gold ram sticks and 2 silver sticks..


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              Ceramic CPU..

              Good score this, that slot card is half the size of the motherboard, biggest one i've seen, the backplane board is good value too..