Scrapping a PC - Lenovo M9704 - A18

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  • Scrapping a PC - Lenovo M9704 - A18

    Thought i'd scrap some PC's instead of the usual stuff, I've been cleaning up the yard and going to leave it until the new year.
    I got a nice stack of pc's for when I feel like going out scrapping something during my break.

    This one's a Lenovo A18, Lenovo bought out IBM PC's a while ago so I guess they will become more common now with businesses using them a lot in place of the IBM's..

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    Most are small form types, or mid' form as the're chunkier then the standard SMF PC..

    Had an ok hard drive in it, 250 gb..


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      Bit blurry but these CPU's should be looked at closely and maybe google the type or check on ebay, they can sell for a bit if you get the good ones..

      Another indication it could have a better CPU is the RAM, Two 2GB sticks, easy to sell these on eBay, depending on exact type but $20 each is common..


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        Commercial PC's don't have the bling of some home PC's but this one was pretty good for parts re-selling.
        Only thing here to scrap is the motherboard and dvd board, the rest i'll sell to a pc guy..