Scrapping a PC - HP Pavilion 8903

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  • Scrapping a PC - HP Pavilion 8903

    Here's a HP Pavilion 8903 to scrap out, some may of noticed the background of the pictures are different, that's because I have my bench space in the workshop all free'd up.
    I prefer to work on a carpet bench so I cut up a piece and i'm all set..

    I'll clean out the wires and that big plastic heat sink cover to get a good look..

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    This one seems to have one of everything..

    Nice looking motherboard there..

    A couple RAM sticks is good..

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      Bit blurry but there's an old green fibre CPU..

      That's better, These green fibre CPU's are lightweight but pack some punch gold wise, although the black fibre are best, I think black's have 3 times as much gold content than green fibres..

      And this is the lot, 2 slot cards, the dvd board, 2 ram's, a hard drive, yeah it's had a bit of everything and a good value scrap..

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