Scrapping a Server - Compaq ProLiant DL320

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  • Scrapping a Server - Compaq ProLiant DL320

    Here's a Compaq Proliant Server DL320 to scrap next, was a beautiful Melbourne day so was nice to be out scrapping stuff in between things today..

    Hard drives have been removed but there's quite a large slot type card there covering half the motherboard so i'll take that first up..

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    looks ok, has a backplane slot card at the back of it too..

    Board has a few larger yellow tantalum capacitors..

    As it is the top board would go as server/network boards, the other a slot card..


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      Good sized motherboard, has a couple of them oversized type RAM sticks..

      CPU is a green fibre type..


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        Not too bad I guess, there was a small floppy and dvd drive, a couple ram stick etc..