Scrapping a PC - HP XW4400

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  • Scrapping a PC - HP XW4400

    Here's a HP Workstation XW4400 to scrap, it's a very nice tower..

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    Very roomy, maybe a bit too roomy as there's no hard drive, just a dvd..


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      Here's a slot card though, has a very big heat sink on it..

      This is different, the heat sink has those copper plates which are screwed on with tiny screws, i'll get to them later.
      The slot card looks to have 2 cpu type things on it..

      Quite large tantalum smd capacitors on it, those with the +


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        Motherboard with 4 ram sticks and the cpu is a dual core, worth a couple bucks anyway..

        1GB RAM sticks so not that great but still an ok haul..


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          Tower empty aside from the power supply I leave in, now to put it to good use as a small scrap steel bits container..

          Tipped in my bucket of shrapnel, I'll put this to the side and fill it before sealing and tossing on the shred heap..


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            You don't pull out the power supplies?


            • WEEE Ben
              WEEE Ben commented
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              No not anymore, I used to take 'em out and stack 'em to sell but they take up too much space before there's any real value.
              then a lot of work loading them in the van as I don't have a fork lift so can't put 'em in a cage so i'm loading 'em in a few at a time.

              before that I used to open each one and pull the bits out but even more time consuming so I find it easier to just leave them in and get scrap steel value instead. I'm happy to just cut the wires off and be done with it.
              got a lot of slow fiddly things I do already like picking from boards and pins out of plugs etc not enough time or space for power supplies.

            • goatrutar
              goatrutar commented
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              I just cut the wires off and chuck the power supply in a 44. Getting .30/kg for them without wire.