Scrapping a PC - HP Compaq DC7600U Ultra Slim

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  • Scrapping a PC - HP Compaq DC7600U Ultra Slim

    This is a HP Compaq DC7600U Ultra Slim PC, the're small but not as small as some i've seen, maybe there's a micro slim tower too?
    They may be smaller but not much different to a regular pc, in this case it's just the dvd drive that's small, and no floppy off course..

    They pack it all in very well, i'd imagine it would get quite hot inside that tower though.
    anyway let's just scrap it..

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    Top right was this, it's where slot cards go but no cards here..


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      On the front there's the small dvd drive..

      I've done a few of these small dvd drives, there kinda fun to scrap out on their own..


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        There's a bit of a trick taking the front panel, took about 4 of these until I got it, but it needs to come out at this point..

        Just shred steel here unless you want to cut out the motor from the fan..


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          Now we can really get into it and take out all the things on the left side to clear the way to the mobo'

          Starting with this thing, the multibay daughter card. the fingers slot down into the motherboard and the black slot is for the dvd drive..


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            Hard drive and power supply unit just clips out quickly..

            Bottom of the front panel is the what's it called? the card with the usb ports and things, a port card?

            Blurry pics but this is a good part..


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              Three wires come off it, these slot into the motherboard, most pc's have these and you can see the gold plating..

              So I cut them and clean off a few things on that board that I don't want, there's 5 things on that board with gold plating, 3 sets of pins and 2 usb ports..


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                Meanwhile, back at the ranch. we still got the motherboard to deal with..

                Heat sink has a copper plate that may come off, some do most don't..

                Regular pentium 4 pinless CPU, 3 RAM sticks are good..


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                  Overall these are pretty good in scrap value, the dvd drives have a few gold bits inside and worthwhile scrapping out if your after gold bits to refine..


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                    Those particular al/cu heat sinks aren't really worth pulling apart. I'm getting about $2.50/kg as is. If you have a press the round heat sinks with the cylindrical copper centres can be pressed apart.