Scrapping a Compaq Presario SR 1710 AN

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  • Scrapping a Compaq Presario SR 1710 AN

    This looks like a nice PC, the Compaq Presario SR 1710 AN..

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    Simple layout helps speed up the job, i'll chop the wire off at the power supply and clean it up....

    It's amazing how different it looks without the wire, I don't pay much attention to the wire I get from pc's but that chunk you cut off the power supply
    is weighty and add's up quick..


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      The only way to remove the drives was to take off the front panel..

      The DVD drive, media drive which is a small board and the hard drive..


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        Motherboard out and it's just a matter of cleaning off some goodies..

        My favorite type of CPU when it's not a ceramic, the heavy AMD with pins, and a good heavy heat sink..


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          Got a small slot card and just one RAM stick, not too bad..