Scrapping a HP Compaq DX 6120 ST

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  • Scrapping a HP Compaq DX 6120 ST

    Scrapping PC's is a bit like doing microwave ovens in using them as small steel bins afterwards.
    I keep an open tower beside my bench and throw in screws etc as I go, also when I break small transformers I do it over the tower so the metal dust and shrapnel falls in.
    Then when full I screw the lid back on and stack it ready for the next steel run then scrap another pc to get an empty, so instead of doing pc's as soon as I get 'em I wait until I need to.

    This one's a HP Compaq DX 6120 ST small form'ish..

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    DVD & Floppy drives came out easy enough, the power supply unit looks like it'll pop off too..

    Wires out and any gold plugs snipped off, hard drive out and we're almost there..


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      CPU is just a pinless P4..

      There was a couple RAM sticks so about all the can be expected from a small form, only thing missing from a large form pc would be slot cards..