Scrapping a Laptop - HP 6530b

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    This is what it looks like at this stage, the two boards up top are next..

    The bottom card is the modem..


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      Took off a bit more plastic and all that's left is the motherboard with heat sink so i'll take it out..

      Motherboard weighs 200 grams so only worth a dollar or so, depends on the price you get..


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        Heatsink off and there's the CPU..

        Green fibre with pins cpu, pretty pink cpu slot hey?


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          So overall laptops are a pretty good scrap if your having fun aswell.
          certainly has good value if you have an avenue for spare parts, the ram alone makes it worthwhile as it will be sold but that won't
          always be the case as most laptops to scrap out are older models.
          the dvd drives are ok and the little sata hard drive isn't too bad.


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            I've tried scrapping laptops in the past. Absolutely hated it. I've got someone who'll pay 80 cents a kilo for them whole, minus batteries.


            • Admin
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              Worth a bit more then that, batteries included.
              I'm getting $1.50 kg.

            • goatrutar
              goatrutar commented
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              Hmm, I might have to make some further enquiries.

            • WEEE Ben
              WEEE Ben commented
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              even without batteries it would be worth holding until you can find a better buyer, but complete is complete which means there's a battery in there.
              I got rid of a bunch before x-mas and most had their ram removed as they were mostly 2GB sticks which i sold on ebay already, got about $20 per stick.
              even without RAM and some had hard drives taken out I still got $1.50 kg, whilst the're time consuming for a busy scrapper they do hold high value stuff so depending on the end process. there's still good value for the buyer at that price.

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            I've noticed Li-ion batteries are worth a reasonable dollar in the US. I anyone here buying them?