Scrapping a Laptop - HP 6530b

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  • Scrapping a Laptop - HP 6530b

    Hi all,

    Scrapped out another one of these HP 6530b laptops today, did it slow and took a bunch of pics along the way.
    I'd say they take at least twice as long to scrap as a regular pc does.
    it's the little screws, the're fun but after like 30 of 'em, the novelty wears off.

    I can see why there's machines that scrap laptops whole, would be impossible to make money out of laptops if you had to pay someone to scrap 'em.
    but if your like me and enjoy scrapping then a laptop is ok to scrap on a quiet day.

    Guess it depends on what's inside them, in this case this laptop has a 2gb ram chip that can be re-sold for at least $10.
    that's the value of a regular pc right there $10 so it's already a good start, the rest is a bonus..

    I'm scrapping it in two parts, first i'll do the screen.
    the screen is like a regular lcd screen, just need to peel off the plastic surround on front and unscrew it..

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    Took the screen out from the plastic backing, i've done many lcd monitors but never seen the aluminium shielding..

    First little board, a mid grade from inside the back cover..


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      Peeled away the aluminium, it's quite thick so decent weight when you scrunch it up.
      from this point the lcd is just like any other, we just want the finger board..

      There it is, just need to peel it off the ribbon tape..

      Most of the action is on the front of this board, like the long gold finger on this side.
      they don't weigh a lot, but lcd's are going to be coming thick and fast, may aswell have a bucket for 'em..

      That's it for the lcd screen, I don't do anything else with 'em, there's no scrap value in the lcd so I transfer them to an lcd recycler and it's done..


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        ok guy's, now we can get stuck into the actual laptop..


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          Reckon' the safest place to start from is the back, i'll remove what looks to be the easiest first..


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            The battery for a start, the're li-ion so they have some scrap value..


            • goatrutar
              goatrutar commented
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              Have you found someone who'll buy Li-ion batteries?

            • Affe
              Affe commented
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              Remove plastic cap to free the batteries, you'll see there's a Goldfingerd board inside.

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            This plate in the middle looks like the next thing to open..

            On the left is a tiny ethernet card, the right is an empty slot for extra ram I think..


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              Isn't the little finger card cute?


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                Now what's behind this panel?

                aha! the hard drive off course..


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                  Nice little SATA drive, 120 gb


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                    I undid all the screws on the base, now i've turned it over and i'll scrap from the front.
                    first to remove the keyboard..


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                      Under the keyboard there's a little aluminium shielding but nothing of real value..


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                        Under the track pad there's a small board to get before I get into the main part..

                        has a plain back, there's some gold tracing, dots ect, just a mid-grade board though..


                        • Affe
                          Affe commented
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                          I gues you've peeld of the black front on the trackpad to find out there's a nice goldfilm hiding inside :-)
                          In most of them I should say.

                        • WEEE Ben
                          WEEE Ben commented
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                          can't remember now but haven't scrapped out many laptops since as I just sell 'em whole.
                          starting to get a few again so might scrap a few more out to have another look.

                        • Affe
                          Affe commented
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                          Could be worht it.

                          Btw Nice job with all pics you've uploaded

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                        Took out this flat dvd drive, slides out from the side..


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                          RAM on the left, heat sink on the right...

                          2GB ram still has it's use..