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  • Buying E-Waste Melbourne - Circuit Boards, RAM, CPU's, Computers

    Cash for Scrap E-Waste Commodities

    Buying all kinds of Precious Metal Recovery Items Removed from Electronics

    PC Motherboards, RAM, CPU's, Slot Cards, Gold Fingers & Pins, Tantalum Capacitors, IC Chips
    Server Boards, Telecom Boards, All Circuit Boards, Hard Drives

    Buying from Hobby Scrappers, E-Waste Recyclers, IT Techs, Production Oversupplies etc
    Power Boards - 0.25 kg
    MID GRADE BOARDS - 1.40 kg
    HIGH GRADE BOARDS - 2.00 kg
    TELECOM BOARDS - 5.00 kg
    GOLD CHIP BOARDS - 6.00-12.00 kg

    SLOT CARDS - 4.00 kg
    SLOT CPU - 9.00 kg

    RAM - Gold - 15.00 kg
    RAMBus - 6.00 kg
    RAM - Silver - 3.50 kg
    RAM - Trimmed Off Fingers - 3.50 kg


    8000 Series - Gold Cap / Gold Legs - 160.00 kg
    8000 Series - Gold Legs / No Cap - 120.00 kg
    8000 Series - Gold Cap / Tin Legs - 100.00 kg
    Intel 386 - 150.00 kg
    Intel 486 - 140.00 kg
    Motorola - 110.00 kg
    Pentium Pro - 90.00 kg
    Double Sided Gold Caps - 65.00 kg
    Cyrix / IBM - 50.00 kg
    Pentium / Mac - 33.00 kg
    Black Fibre - 29.00 kg
    AMD Ceramic - 23.00 kg
    AMD Aluminium Back - 20.00 kg
    Green Fibre / Brown Fibre - 12.00 kg (no metal)
    Green Fibre / Brown Fibre - 8.00 kg (metal tops)
    Pentium 4 with Pins - 8.00 kg
    Pentium 4 Pinless (current style) - 6.00 kg


    DIP (legs on 2 sides) - 8.00 kg
    DIP (Ceramic) - 13.00 kg
    DIP (RAM) - 13.00 kg
    Flat Pack (legs 4 sides) - 11.00 kg
    E-Prom IC's (Silver) - 8.00 kg
    E-Prom IC's (Gold) - 13.00 kg
    BGA Chips (High Grade) from RAM & Boards - 80.00 kg
    BGA Chips (Nth/Sth Bridge) - 70.00 kg
    BGA Chips (Full Square or Round Moon Metal Tops) - 10.00 kg
    BGA Chips (Fibre Silicon Chip) - 1.00 kg

    Gold & Precious Metal Recovery

    Tantalum Capacitors (Yellow SMD) - 20.00 kg
    Tantalum Capacitors (Black SMD) - 17.00 kg
    Tantalum Capacitors (Mixed) - 17.00 kg
    Crystals & Crystal Oscillators - 4.00 kg
    Crystal Oscillators Gold Band - 45.00 kg

    Prices are current and are only updated when a price change occurs.

    Prices quoted are for delivered goods to my workshop West of Melbourne, 8 klm from CBD.

    All items must be sorted into their corresponding grades to receive full value
    10% will be deducted if basic sorting is required.

    Pick up is available in Melbourne for larger Qty's, A minimum $25 pick up fee will deducted depending on location
    I also offer a free e-waste pick-up service for general e-waste recycling which would void pick up fee's for items i'm buying from you.

    Drop off available most weekdays and some weekends
    Cash Paid for small qty's, Instant Paypal Payment for larger qty's

    Booking required
    Email me to arrange a day & time or for any enquiries regarding the grading of boards
    If your unsure with what you have then send a few pictures of different boards, I can quickly advise of grades etc.

    PH: 0421 449 478

    Grading circuit boards can be tricky as there's so many different boards manufactured, including many custom & unique boards.
    Many boards will easily fall under one of the above grades but sometimes boards need separate evaluation.

    One common misconception is gold plating on circuit boards, Hard Gold plating is mostly used for contact points, like pins, gold fingers or bonding wires.
    The gold we see on most boards is not gold plated like we know, it's gold flashed which is 5μ - 15μ thick, that's millionths of an inch.
    Normal gold plating like gold fingers or gold pins is 30μ - 60μ thick, so a big difference, Don't judge a board by the gold you can see unless it's gold caps on top of chips.

    Another one is Telecom grade boards, Just because the board came out of telecom equipment doesn't automatically mean it's a telecom grade board.
    A Telecom Grade Board generally has IC chips all over it with no transformers or large capacitors, if they do then they get down graded from server grade, Server Motherboards are identified as dual cpu socket boards, some have 4 or more cpu sockets, a single socket server board is just regular pc motherboard grade.

    Q; Can I remove a few components off a board and still sell it to you?
    A; I generally grade boards as expected, so a pc motherboard would be complete, if you remove the main chip it can turn that motherboard into a mid grade, some boards you can get away with removing a chip here & there, especially the removable e-prom type, also a few mlcc's or the crystal is usually ok but if boards are noticeably partially depopulated then price deductions will apply, 10%, 20% etc

    So, my advice is when choosing to depopulate components off a board because you feel it has better value that way, depopulate the whole board instead of just a few items and take it out of the system completely.
    Low Grade Boards with no chips, Depopulated Boards No value, Best to throw into scrap steel
    Power Boards, Brown/Green Power Boards Main power boards, heavy green or brown crt type 0.25 kg
    MID GRADE BOARDS Most green circuit boards, Risers,LCD/Printer/Modem 1.30 kg
    HIGH GRADE BOARDS mostly with gold corner BGA Chips, or many IC chips.
    Better than mid grade, doesn't fit into higher grades like motherboards or telecom.
    LCD TV T'Con Boards, Some Modem & Router Boards,
    Custom boards, oddball good boards with good chips
    2.00 kg
    COMPUTER MOTHERBOARD Heat Sink Brackets & Battery must be removed 3.00 kg
    LAPTOP MOTHERBOARD Battery & Fan must be removed 4.00 kg
    SERVER MOTHERBOARD Dual Socket & Above Battery & Heat Sink Brackets Removed 4.00 kg
    TELECOM BOARDS High Grade Telecom - Mostly IC Chips on Board 5.00 kg
    GOLD CHIP BOARDS - Vintage/Custom Very High Grade with Gold Caps on Chips / CPU's 6.00 kg - 12.00
    SLOT CARDS (with gold fingers) Fan & Large Heatsink Removed 4.00 kg
    SLOT CPU P2 / P3 / Apple - Heatsink & Housing Removed 9.00 kg
    RAM - Trimmed Off Fingers Gold Fingers Cut Off, Just IC Chips on sticks 3.50 kg
    RAM - Silver Silver/Tin Fingers 3.50 kg
    RAMBus With Aluminium Shielding 6.00 kg
    RAM - Gold Gold Fingers 15.00 kg
    CPU's Must be sorted
    8000 Series - Gold Cap / Gold Legs IC Chip style 160.00 kg
    8000 Series - Gold Legs / No Cap IC Chip style 120.00 kg
    8000 Series - Gold Cap / Tin Legs IC Chip style 100.00 kg
    Intel 386 150.00 kg
    Intel 486 140.00 kg
    Motorola Gold Tops 110.00 kg
    Pentium Pro Gold Cap 90.00 kg
    Double Sided Gold Caps Various Models 65.00 kg
    Cyrix / IBM Gold Cap 50.00 kg
    Pentium / Mac Ceramic 33.00 kg
    Black Fibre 29.00 kg
    AMD Ceramic 23.00 kg
    AMD Aluminium Top 20.00 kg
    Green Fibre / Brown Fibre No Metal 12.00 kg
    Green Fibre Metal Tops 8.00 kg
    Pentium 4 with Pins With Pins 8.00 kg
    Pentium 4 Pinless (current style) Note below.. Pinless 6.00 kg
    Quad core, i3, i5, i7 cpu's should be sold as useable cpu's.
    Scrap value for an i5 cpu is about 25c, they would sell for $20+ as cpu
    ..So try to sell good cpu's first if you think they work
    Other E-Waste Commodities
    IC CHIPS Removed from boards, Clean, Must Be Sorted!
    DIP (legs on 2 sides) Most common IC chips (mixed plastic/ceramic) 8.00 kg
    DIP (Ceramic) Ceramic Only DIP (no glass window or plastic) 13.00 kg
    DIP (RAM) IC's Removed from RAM Sticks or on board 13.00 kg
    Flat Pack (legs 4 sides) Only 4 sided leg IC's 11.00 kg
    E-Prom IC's (Silver) Glass Window on top, Silver inside 8.00 kg
    E-Prom IC's (Gold) Glass Window on top, Gold inside 13.00 kg
    BGA Chips (High Grade) from RAM & Boards No gold corner or metal top 80.00 kg
    BGA Chips (Nth/Sth Bridge) Gold Corner BGA's (Black top, No metal) 70.00 kg
    BGA Chips (Full Square or Round Moon Metal Tops) Metal Top BGA's with or without gold corner 10.00 kg
    BGA Chips (Fibre) Usually green with a small glassy silicon chip on top Glass/Silicon Chip Tops 1.00 kg
    Gold & Precious Metal Recovery We Buy All Gold Recovery Items
    Tantalum Capacitors (Yellow SMD) Only Yellow SMD Rectangle Type 20.00 kg
    Tantalum Capacitors (Black SMD) Only Black SMD Rectangle Type 17.00 kg
    Tantalum Capacitors (Vintage, Resin Dipped, Red Capped type, mixed) Many colours, Most have a large "L" 17.00 kg
    MLCC's Board Code "C" Only 14.00 kg
    Crystals & Crystal Oscillators Small or Large Cans 4.00 kg
    Crystal Oscillators Flat, Gold Band, Ceramic Base 45.00 kg
    Gold Pins (Low Grade) Mixed / Partially Plated 7.00 kg
    Gold Pins (Mid Grade) Mixed / Light Fully Plated 17.00 kg
    Gold Pins (High Grade) CPU (Clean) / Vintage / Heavy Fully Plated 37.00 kg
    Gold Jacks Mixed Audio/Video Jacks etc, fully plated outside 5.00 kg
    Gold Fingers (High) Trimmed, No excess board, Mostly double sided 70.00 kg
    Gold Fingers (Low) Mixed with many One Sided, Gaps, Not Trimmed 40.00 kg
    Keyboard Mylar Clean Mylar Sheets, Blank Page Removed 3.00 kg
    Keyboard Mylar Clean Mylar Sheets, With Blanks 1.50 kg
    Other Items
    Hard Drives Mounting Brackets & Caddies Removed 1.00 kg
    CD/DVD Drives from PC's Towers, not laptop 0.25 kg
    Computer Towers / Server Blades Complete PC's - Price Varies on Contents 30c - 60c kg
    Routers / Switches / Cisco Stuff Mostly heavy metal, thin boxes with 12/24/48 ports 0.35 kg
    Laptops & Tablets Complete, Screen not cracked, can have Battery 1.00 kg
    Scrap Copper Mixed scrap copper wire, heatsinks, bar, pipe 5.50 kg
    U.P.S. Uninterrupted Power Supplies Complete UPS from servers & stand alone units 0.20 kg

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    To help newer scrappers sort their e-waste and have a better understanding of how to grade boards, I'm putting up some sample pictures of items and how I grade them.
    So i'll start with top of the list and work my way down.


    Basically boards with nothing of value on them, no ic's or decent copper transformers. Also boards that have been depopulated.

    This sample has no IC Chips or any real base metal value, so it's a low grade..

    First board below is a depopulated slot card, no fingers and IC Chips removed so it's now low grade.
    Second board is a nothing board, definite low grade.
    Third board are tactile switches from lcd tv's etc, whilst some keep them for the silver contact inside each switch, they are low grade and have no real value to speak of..

    This board is from a dvd/vcr front panel with lcd screen and switches, again, low grade, no value..

    Same again, just switches so low grade..

    These three boards come from the tops of crt tubes, note the one on the right does have an IC Chip but it's still a low grade so best to remove the chip, mosfets & aluminium and toss the rest into scrap steel..

    Last sample picture of low grade boards that I don't buy..


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      Power boards are basically a low grade board with base metal value and can be brown or green.

      Mostly Copper Coils, Transformers & Aluminium Heat Sinks, plus a good helping of steel.

      All CRT's have a power board, LCD TV's have one, PC's have a small but heavy one inside the power supply unit, UPS's have huge one's inside the inverter and most machinery will have power boards.

      This board is from a UPS inverter, Mostly copper coils with some heat sinks, this is a power board..

      From the same UPS, another power board with mostly Aluminium..

      A CRT TV power board..

      Random power board, populated with copper transformers & aluminium heat sinks..

      A more modern power board, most likely from an LCD TV..

      A green CRT TV power board..

      Another CRT power board, very basic this one, most likely from a cheap brand tv..

      A selection of power boards, whilst reasonably low grade, the transformers help them up to power board grade..


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        Part 1 of a 2 part video.. Grading and pricing e-waste from the above list.

        If you have boards you want graded out of interest, please post the pictures up in the identifying board section of the forum.


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          Part 2 of pricing boards including IC Chips, CPU's, RAM, Tantalum Capacitors, Crystals, Gold Finger & Pins etc