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  • Where is a good place in Sydney to send Lead batteries and HD's?

    I have about 800 KG's of lead acid batteries that will come out of computer UPS'.
    I also have about 500KG's of hard disks.
    Where can I take these in Sydney to get a fair price?

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    Your nearest scrap yard will do for batteries, for hard drives try an e-waste recycler, they would buy them for around $1 kg
    Buying eWaste link here


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      I emailed Tes Amm and they offered $1 a kilo for hard disks which I'll take up. They also offered 10c a kilo for lead acid batteries, which seems low when I look at the price guide on this site. Has anyone used Tes Amm? I have a lot of questions about the process and they are not very responsive via email.


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        even I get constant emails from people with qty's of e-waste to sell, usually it's 200kg's of ram, 300 kg's cpu or worse when they claim to have just one product, like a tonne of pentium pro cpu's.
        i'm sure all e-waste buyers are kinda immune to it now so it's just a matter of sending a polite quick reply and get on with business.

        when you rock up with your hard drives they'll fill you in with everything you need to know i'd imagine, but it's pretty straight forward, you rock up, unload, they weight it and you go, they deposit payment.
        Buying eWaste link here


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          Thanks. I appreciate the problem of tyre kickers that you must get.

          I only have a couple of issues I need to work out and some communication would help a bit. I have a family SUV to move this stuff and it's not safe to take more than about 300kgs at a time. I would like to know if I'm too small scale for this. Just how small a load can I take in and still have it be viable.
          There is a lot of gear getting thrown away at my work over the next 12 months. More than 500 network switches. That would be a lot of circuit boards that might be worth my time recovering. Or not. I just don't know because I need someone to have conversation with.
          There is about 100 failed UPS' about the place at 15kgs of batteries each. At 10c a kg, it's not worth me bothering, but at 30c it probably is.
          I have 60kgs of hard disk ready to drop off right now but I don't know if they are even open on a Saturday when it would be most convenient for me and I don't know if 60kg is a time waste for them. Should I keep building a bigger stock pile? How big does it need to be?


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            The size of the load probably wouldn't matter much, but for a larger company it's probably better for them to get larger loads in one or two goes so they don't have to do paperwork and deposit funds over and over for small amounts, it generally takes two weeks for payment.

            60kg h/d's is two milk crates full so that alone I would say yes it's quite small for them but that's up to them and the only way you'll find out is to rock up to the depot and do it, they'll answer your questions then.
            why not just stack them up until your done and take in two loads? when you drop off the 2nd load they will add the weight to the first and you get one nice cheque.

            The batteries are 50c kg at least and as I said you just take it to your nearest scrap metal yard so your all set there.
            when scrapping out the ups there will be nice thick insulated copper wire linking the batteries etc, that wire is mostly high grade so well worth filling a bucket of that too for the scrap yard,

            same with your switches, stack the boards as you scrap them out over the 12 months, when your done you'll know what to dl because by then your an expert of how your buyer works.
            Buying eWaste link here