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  • PCI Cards??

    Ok so PCI Card's. They come in different shapes and size's and some with heaps of items on them to almost nothing being on them.

    I only have around 10kg worth atm but I have been removing the gold fingers from them and been sorting into VGA, Network, Sound, etc piles.

    Now my main question is that I see Ben buys PCI cards for $3.70 per KG, and I am wondering if I remove the gold fingers, from a buyers point of view, how much would you then buy them for if the fingers are missing? Do they then turn into a mid-high grade board??

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    You need to ask your buyer as everyone will have a different perspective.

    Sorting into vga, network etc is not needed as boards are bought by grade, not application like telecom boards, just because it came from a telecom system does not mean it's telecom grade.

    It gets a little technical once you remove gold fingers, i'll try and be specific but again, depends on your buyer and to be honest most will just grade mid grade when fingerless.

    #1 Slot Card with gold fingers (can have bracket & heatsink attached) sold as slot card

    #2 Slot Card no fingers, Gold Corner Chip (must have bracket & heatsink removed) may be sold as high grade like motherboards

    #3 Slot Card no fingers, No gold corner chips ( can have bracket & heatsink left on) sold as mid grade

    #4 Slot Card no fingers, Gold Corner Chip with bracket/heatsink left on .. sold as mid grade

    The technical one is #2, really depends on the overall look and size of the gold chip.
    And heavily populated slot cards from older electronics which may have loads of high end ic chips.

    These two types I usually recommend people depopulate for gold recovery as a lot of buyers can't get what the boards may be really worth, also saves a lot of time for a buyer having to sift through with you.

    So yeah, once you remove gold fingers your basically taking ownership of the cards but if that that doesn't bother you then either expect mid grade or depopulate completely.
    Like those network cards, they have absolutely nothing on them without fingers, with the bracket on, mid grade is even too high for them.

    The other common thing I get is people taking the brackets off but leaving the card intact, just because the bracket is removed doesn't make them worth more then slot card with bracket to a buyer.
    Buying eWaste link here