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  • Gold corner chips

    Hi guys and gals! So sometimes the top of the gold corner chips blow off when I'm depopulating boards. I keep the tops bottoms and crumbly stuff together, but does it change how to get the gold out?

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    no it's what you would do anyway, seperate the two so your getting the gold off the plastic.
    the ceramic can also have gold bonding wire through it so you would process them separate, like crushing the ceramic along with ic chips so putthat part with ic's maybe..
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      Although this is an older post it reminded me of an awesome video on youtube that mainly focused on BGA chips. It shows the full chemical extraction process with great pictures of the clean bonding wires intact. They remove the organics by boiling in sulfuric acid, then remove the copper contacts with nitric acid, and then soak in Aqua Regia to dissolve the bonding wires and finally drop the gold with sodium metabisulphite. Well worth a look if you haven't already seen it.