To Scrap or Not the Power supply units

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  • To Scrap or Not the Power supply units

    G'day all .
    You have probable been asked this a hundred time but I'll ask again . I have just picked up around 100 Pc's with more to come . question is do you bother scrapping out the Power supply unit or sell them complete ? Is it worth scrapping them down with the prices as they are ?

    Thank you

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    Hi BC,

    I don't, I cut the wires off and sell as power supply units whole.
    Whether it's worth scrapping them right down is a question you need to answer yourself, everyone values time differently.

    My way of thinking is if I didn't have much else to do, like say I had extended periods where I had nothing to scrap, then it probably is worth it because i'd be getting a little more value for what I have.
    But since I always have a lot to do it's not really worth spending the time.
    Back when scrap steel was over 20c kg I didn't even bother taking them out of towers, just cut the wires as I couldn't justify taking them out and stacking them up into a pile, taking up more room.

    So you'll have to work that out for yourself, but I would say there's move value scrapping out power supplies then scrapping out hard drives with today's modern hd's having such small boards.

    I'll do a couple on video, there's very light units and quite heavy one's so i'll do one of each and we'll see just how much extra value we get.


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      I have wondered this aswell. I look forward to the video. Previously i have broken them down to board, transformer and heat sinks but I don't think it is time well spent. I will just cut them from now on i think.

      Ben do you sell the complete psu to an escrap buyer or just a regular yard? Also so you sell the hard drives complete, even the low memory ones?

      Also only slightly relevant question but whatndonyou think is the future of scrap steel, will it go back to 20c/kg?



      • WEEE Ben
        WEEE Ben commented
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        haven't tried yards, don't think they'd take 'em or pay much, yeah e-scrap buyers buy power supplies without wire for around 20c kg.

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      Ben.. Where do you sell your power supply units?


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        Thanks Ben .
        So If I was to come for a drive to Melbourne where would I sell the Units ? I would have thought the Alloy casing of the HD would make them worth breaking down . But if its better value to sell whole then Ill do that as well . Again where would the best place be to sell them on .

        Thank you


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          haven't sold them for a while, only been stacking 'em again for a few months.
          will check in the morning and see if my yard will buy them, otherwise it's wherever you sell circuit boards, if you don't have a board buyer then it's probably not worth stacking psu's as you'd want a big load to make it worthwhile taking them anywhere.

          h/d's also have steel and the aluminium is only worth $1.30 kg, that's what you get for h/d's complete so it balances out without spending time on them, as I said, it's an individual thing whether you scrap or sell as is, modern day h/d's have very little value.

          obviously you need volumes to get good prices, taking in 100 hard drives is not much for a buyer who deals in tonnes, that's the biggest problem for scrappers.
          my hard drives are stacked in milk crates, 32 kg per crate or about 66 units, don't know what i'll do with them but I imagine i'll scrap the old style with big boards and sell the new.


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            My yard used to take them, they aren't so keen on 'em now but will probably take mine anyway.
            they class them as irony aluminium so about 20c kg which is the going rate anyway so check with yards in your area, take one in that you have opened so they can see what's in 'em..


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              Are you talking about hard drive or psu's?

              Also how to I reply to a specific comment and not just the whole thread? For instance your comment at #3.1 is it because I am using a mobile?


              • WEEE Ben
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                well the subject is about psu's

                You reply to a specific post by clicking (comment) that you will see at the bottom of every post except the first post.
                you have quote, comment, flag, like, so just click comment and a comment window will appear.

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              Thank you Ben . Looks like I'm stacking them then and see what happens down the track .


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                When steel was up, irony aluminium was too so in time they might come back up.
                I did a video on selling v's scrapping to see just how much extra value can be got if scrapping them down.

                There's very light (700g) & quite heavy (1.7kg) and everything in between but I find that most psu's are on the heavy side so around double the value to scrap them.


                • Nick
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                  Just one thing to add, I would also remove the large copper transistors from the boards. They should be able to be sold as transformers as well, if not something like irony copper.

                • WEEE Ben
                  WEEE Ben commented
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                  yeah true, so I guess we can add a good 2 or 3 cents on top of the final value then
                  I remember when I first scrapped a few psu's there was a lot of heat sink cream and was a big dirty mess to scrap 'em.
                  But this scrap was ok and quite clean, it's kinda fun scrapping them whereas it's not much fun stacking them up to sell which is why I preferred to just leave them in the pc's when steel was high.

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                I have spent time taking a part my psu's, after this video though, i no longer will. Just not worth the time. These videos are so helpful.


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                  I've only stripped a couple of power supplies. Just not worth the hassle.