Scrapping a PC - Dell Precision 370 DHM

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  • Scrapping a PC - Dell Precision 370 DHM

    Here's a nice solid Dell Precision 370 DHM to scrap, I like scrapping dells 'cos the're probably the easiest to scrap out with most things quick release..

    These workstations can sometimes pack a lot of goodies inside..

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    Has a suitcase style opening..

    Large slot card there..

    It's got some weight to it, nice one to add to the slot card bin..


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      Wires and slot card out, Now it's that green fan..

      A towering aluminium heat sink..

      Looks like a giant apartment building..

      It's large but light weight compared to other heat sinks, might get away with this in copper/alloy radiators...


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        CPU was a regular Pentium 4 so in the scrap cpu bucket this goes..

        A couple RAM chips was a bonus, no hard drive in it but a large motherboard and slot card makes up for it..