Scrapping a Dell Poweredge 860 Server

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  • Scrapping a Dell Poweredge 860 Server

    Here's a Dell Poweredge 860 Server to scrap out. These one's are full size but not as thick as some of the better types of servers out there..

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    Looks ok, has everything inside except for the hard drive..

    Most the good stuff is on this side, the motherboard with that big copper heat sink and the board to the right..


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      That's a nice high grade there and it has a good back plane board slotted on it..

      Which leaves me with the motherboard to deal with..


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        It's one of those heat sinks with an aluminium base and copper fins..

        The copper on this side will be mounted firmly so i'll take off the copper fins on the other side and leave this base and put it in the copper/aluminium radiator bucket..

        I just grab about three fins at a time and peel them away from the alloy base..


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          Looks like just a regular P4 CPU, a couple RAM sticks is good..

          Whilst this motherboard is a server type board it's very close to a regular motherboard so i'll just put this in with motherboards..


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            Server is scrapped, power supply unit stays in and i'll toss some steel bits back in to fill it up and in the van she'll go with the other scrap metal..

            Good scrap this for it's size, most the boards are high grade..