Scrapping a Dell Optiplex SX280

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  • Scrapping a Dell Optiplex SX280

    Here's a tiny Dell Optiplex SX280.
    It's so small you can almost put it in your back pocket

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    The hard drive takes up most of the space, heat sink looks to have mostly copper..


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      Removed the H/D and the two fans to get to the Mobo'

      Need to remove the main heatsink to get to the screws under it first, CPU is just a regular P4 pinless..


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        The DVD drive is a small form type so all I do with these is break off the connector end, I don't go for these dvd boards..

        Not a lot here, no RAM and no slot cards. That heatsink is copper plates on an alloy base, I just use side cutters to pry the copper off..