Scrapping a Dell Poweredge 2650 Server

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  • Scrapping a Dell Poweredge 2650 Server

    Got this DELL Poweredge 2650 Server to scrap out, I did the poweredge 2600 in another scrap out, the difference is the 2600 was a tower,
    this is a blade type server that slots into a frame, big and heavy, just how I like e'm..

    The front here has them slide out drive bay's where you can add or remove hard drives to the system..

    The back has the handle to pull it out of the server frame..

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    Open sesame..

    Wow, not sure where to look first..


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      Here's two spanking heatsinks which should be covering a couple CPU's, See the fans on each side of the heatsinks? that's awesome..


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        The motherboard is huge, I get to that later, along the side there's a slot card about a foot long and there's a finger card on it we'll get to later aswell..


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          Think i'll start with the basics, i'll take out all these drive caddies from the front..

          One had a hard drive, another had a mini dvd/floppy combo, and the other 4 caddies were empty..


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            On top is this usb port card so i'll get it out..

            Under was a little lcd board too..


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              Now from the back, there's two long power supply units that i'll slide out..

              There's no wires hanging out from these power supplies, just these nice gold pins..


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                Now that long slot card I saw before, it's under this clip out caddie, this is all so easy, no screws just blue levers..

                This is it with a finger card still in it..


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                  This huge socket is what attaches it to the motherboard, think it's 288 pins..

                  This is where it plugs into the mobo' lots of pins there..

                  To top it off, this foot long slot card is also a high grade board..


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                    Ok, looks like we just have the motherboard left, there's no screws so i'm trying to figure out how to take it out of here..

                    Hah! found it, on each side there's more blue levers, if I pull the lever it should pull the motherboard out..

                    Look at that, like magic the motherboard slid across about an inch and now it's loose, just need to remove it now..


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                      Motherboard is on it's own tray, which off course, clips off..


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                        There's another board here the mobo' slotted into, also the hard drives slot into the other side of that board..

                        The motherboard side..

                        Hard drive side, it's just a low grade board though..