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  • Sim Cards for Gold Recovery

    Was doing a bit of research on sim cards from cell phones to get an average recovery rate per kg.
    Then looking at what people are trying to sell sim cards for on ebay.

    There seems to be a bit of confusion on sim cards and their value, also some deceptive ways to sell them.
    It seems most sellers have worked out they get best value when selling them in numbers, so 200 sim cards, 500 sim cards, 1000 sim cards.
    This sounds like a lot of sim cards and I guess most people assume if you have 1000 sim cards there must be a decent amount of gold recoverable.

    Well it's not the case, sim cards do have gold but it takes a lot of cards to just get 1 gram of gold.
    1 gram of gold is currently worth around AU$50
    1kg of sim cards will get you on average 1.5g of gold, so about AU$75 worth.

    But there's 2920 sim cards in 1kg, I just counted them.
    I have seen 1000 sim card lots on ebay for US$100, this is just crazy when gold value for 1000 sims is $25
    Just a warning to people looking to buy components from ebay for gold recovery, don't go by numbers, go by weight and you will think twice about buying that stuff from deceptive sellers.
    Buying eWaste link here

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    I did a video for a bit of fun and to give a bit of a break down on sim card value..
    Buying eWaste link here


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      Yes there's some crazy prices on eBay "gold recovery" items.....


      • WEEE Ben
        WEEE Ben commented
        Editing a comment
        yes "gold recovery" seems to be the key word, I know there's people that want to refine stuff and not worry much about profit but some prices are a total ripoff, i'm sure if they knew they're paying $100 for something worth $25 they'd think twice, sims are not much value but the gold tabs on credit cards are very high, like 10g per kg, that might be the confusion.