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  • LCD Finger Strip Boards

    Thought i'd do a little video on finger strip boards from lcd tv's & monitors, there's very little good info on 'em at the moment but it won't be too long many scrappers will want to do something with the ever increasing pile they build.

    For some old school scrappers, lcd's are a trigger to give it up as those that relied heavily on the copper from crt's are left with very little copper now.
    So it's either pick 'em up for steel or start stacking circuit boards for PM recovery, which will most likely be selling the boards.

    Will be interesting to see how things pan out in the next couple of years, but for now, those that scrap lcd's are mostly stacking these finger strip boards as they don't sell for much at the moment.
    Buying eWaste link here

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    Very good video Ben. You are spot on with recommending that you process the whole board. Can be done along with a batch of normal fingers collected from computers. As you say, remove everything else on the board first. And whether it is plated or flashed, it is still gold, and at around $50/gr, well worthwhile collecting and eventually processing.

    And some of these boards as seen on your video are literally covered with mlcc's. A rough estimate on the mlcc's refined, is about $800 from a kilo. Not chicken feed. With normal scrap prices as low as they are, PM's are becoming even more attractive than ever. Good one Ben.


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      Thanks Okeden, yeah it takes some picking to get a kilo but worth it in the end.
      Buying eWaste link here