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  • Any ideas what this is?

    Does any one have any idea what this thing might be:

    This circuit board is from a plasma TV. I'm talking about the big sliver thing. The 'silver' is actually an aluminium sheet, like the heat-spreader you get on a CPU. As you can probably tell from the leftover compound, there was a big finned heatsink on this thing.

    If I flip it over, having chiseled it off the board, you can see that the other side is covered in a think layer of epoxy. It's very strong stuff, it took several good blows with the hammer and chisel just to take off this little bit. As you can see, there is some kind of circuit board underneath it, with two rows of pins connecting it to the main board.

    Here's a close up. There's gold plating and these square things. You can see how thick the epoxy is and, if you look though that hole, how thick the aluminium is. I don't think any of this is coming apart, I can't get the epoxy off without also ripping out components and traces, and the board seems to be fused with the aluminium.

    Does anyone have any idea what this is? I'm guessing that it may be a bunch of power transistors or MOSFETs in a single unit. Tthe board it's mounted too looks like it might be some sort of power supply, although the TV did also have a conventional power board. I did try Googling the numbers on it, but I didn't come up with anything.

    I'm also guessing that between all the aluminium and epoxy, this thing probably won't be of interest to refiners and that it will ultimately go as irony ally.

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    not sure what the board is called, it's the one that's to the left of the main power board isn't it? they vary so much, sometime very small, sometimes not at all.
    you could probably get away with that one being a low grade, aluminium plate and all.
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