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  • Okeden
    Interesting video Ben. Afraid I'm not a collector as such, just look at the gold value. In fact I wouldn't have a clue what the collectible value of a Pentium Pro is. Gold content wise it is the biggest container of gold of all CPU's at almost $43 each. That's based on 0.5 gr per CPU although some ebay sellers have suggested 1 gr. They will vary depending on the manufacturing plant and the cache size. Close behind the Pro is the original Intel Pentium 60 Mhz - 90 Mhz at .48 gr of gold or about $41.

    Classed as very high yield are NEC and Toshiba server chips, AMD K5, Cyrix 586, Cyrix 6x86, IBM 686 and Alpha DEC (large square one). And of course the Pentiums as mentioned above. To be classified as High Yield they need to have .25 gr or more gold per CPU. These are all ceramics. What is called High Yield (Ceramics) contain from .05 to .25 gr per unit. The Low Yield CPU's are the fibre ones with less than .05 gr each - that's about $4 each of gold.

    So yeah Ben, to collect or to refine? Guess that's a personal choice . Cheers

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  • WEEE Ben
    started a topic My gold recovery attempt

    My gold recovery attempt