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  • Medical grade board help pls

    hey all I’m from Brissie and got a few medical contracts I get all there scrap equipment ,
    i have recent got a few ultra sound machines and X-ray film printing machines now there were filled with heaps of medical stainless steel and solid brass ect , I removed a lot of these boards from the machines and want to no if they r worth much to ewaste bauyers ,
    1 main board is consealed in a medical grade aluminium case with shock proof matting , I have attached a few pics of some of the high grade boards Thst come from a few machines, if any value to these pls comment or send me pm

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      As far as i am aware, there is nothing special in particular to medial equipment electronics except that it is designed to have a reduced shock hazard.
      The last board looks like it would be good for gold recovery.

      the others would be considered high grade not sure they would be good enough for telecom.

      Ben is the best bet grading.




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        Yeah they aren't worth much to a board buyer, mostly mid grade type because ther'll be a lot of dead weigh, the third board with the 8 chips might go as telecom, the last board would be ok for personal gold recovery but nothing a buyer would pay anymore for than mid grade
        Buying eWaste link here


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          Thanks guys if Ben u can give me a ruff idea on prices , I have about 3 ibcs 3/4 each of high med grade boards ruff 600kg each ibc container , I’m in Brisbane so not sure if any one around bray buys boards but can supply a few tons every few week s


          • WEEE Ben
            WEEE Ben commented
            Editing a comment
            could be anywhere from $1.50 kg to $3 kg, depends on your buyer, try contacting ewaste recyclers in your area to find a board buyer