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  • What would these be worth? Cisco phone servers.

    Just wondering what something like this would be worth? Someone selling them but doesn't know price either.

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    depends on a lot of things. what model it is,are they working units, just for scrap, power supplies working, the look of the boards inside etc etc.
    hard to tell you anything until you give details
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      Thanks for the reply Ben, apparently they are from a cisco 6500 series. The seller said they were previously working.

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        The only things that might be sellable are the power supply units if you can power the units on to make sure they have green lights only.
        The rest would be too hard to sell as no-one looks to buy that kind of thing second hand, usually they come with a service contract, they are old now.

        so, scrap value is pretty low, the boards don't look that great, maybe $6 kg after removing them from the steel base plates.
        I wouldn't pay much more than $40 - $50 per unit but if your not going to try sell the PSU's and it's all for scrap the $40 or less per unit if your going to make a profit on your time
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          Thanks again Ben, thought the boards would be good because of them been Cisco and a higher model.

          Couldn't find many photos of them online.