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  • Getting rid of solder - methanesulfonic acid?

    There are many topics online about different methods for depopulating pcbs and removing solder. Ben even has great videos on a mechanical process for depopulating boards. However after some reading, I have been considering if the use of methanesulfonic acid + peroxide (3.5 and 0.5 mol/L respectively) may be a relatively simple means of stripping solder and releasing pcb components. A plus side is that this stripping solution has emerged from the electroplating industry (for tin and lead plating), and so it may also be possible to electrowin the solder back out of the spent solution. The other plus is that the reagents are reasonably cheap and safe to work with (including no fumes), as well as accessble in Australia.

    Are there any chemists on the forum who could comment on whether methanesulfonic acid + H2O2 is a useful solution for desoldering pcbs? Any practical experience someone can share before I begin experimenting with this chemical stripping method?

    Many thanks!

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    Reasonably cheap and safe to work with is a good start - but I'm thinking the value of individual components is so low that it simply wouldn't be worth purchasing products to remove them??
    At least with mechanical methods, it's only really your time..
    Still - it's interesting to explore all options.
    Keep us informed on how you go